Effects of Acha-Cowpea-Carrot Based Couscous on the Hematological and Liver profile of Wistar Rat

J. A. Ayo *

Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University Wukari, Wukari, Nigeria and Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Mkar, Gboko, Nigeria.

M. O. Ojo

Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria.

V. I. Ayo

Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University Wukari, Wukari, Nigeria and Department of Bio-chemistry, Federal University Wukari, Nigeria.

J. A, Ankeli

Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Mkar, Gboko, Nigeria.

A. C. Vongfa

Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Mkar, Gboko, Nigeria.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The effects of acha-cowpea-carrot based couscous on the Hematological and Liver profile of Albino Rats was investigated. Couscous was prepared from acha, cowpea and carrot flour blends at ratios of 100:0:0 (C1); 90:5:5 (F1); 80:10:10(F3); 75:15:10(F4); 70:15:15(F5); and 50:25:25 (F8), and fed to Wister rat for 42 days. The hematological and biomarker indices of wistar rat were studied.  Biological assay showed high protein quality distortion of the liver. The white blood cell and lymphocytes, decreased from 2.82 – 1.75 % and 75.88 – 40.03 % respectively, with increase in added cowpea and carrot flours. There was a significant increase in (p<0.05) in the neutrophils, red blood cell, packed cell volume, mean cell hemoglobin (MCH), mean cell volume (MCV), mean cell hemoglobin concentration (MCHC), platelet count, and hemoglobin with increase in added cowpea and carrot flours. The glycaemic level for samples F1 F3, F4, F5 and F8 which ranged between 44.30-62.45 were lower compared with the 65.50 observed for control. However, all the tested samples are in the intermediate (medium) glycaemic level. The total protein and low density lipoprotein, decreased from 100.80 – 70.84 and 17.06 – 8.06 respectively, while the aspartate transaminase (AST), Alkaline phosphate, triglycerides (TGs), total cholesterol (TC), and HDL (high density lipoprotein) increased from 40.74 – 53.33, 105.01 – 123.53, 50.99 – 62.79, 53.78 – 69.14 and 47.57 – 56.89 respectively with increase in added cowpea and carrot flours. This study suggests that relative increase in the level of cowpea and carrot could improve the immune system and hence the health status of the consumers.

Keywords: Acha-cowpea-carrot, couscous, hematological, liver profile, Wistar rat

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Ayo , J. A., Ojo , M. O., Ayo , V. I., Ankeli , J. A., & Vongfa , A. C. (2023). Effects of Acha-Cowpea-Carrot Based Couscous on the Hematological and Liver profile of Wistar Rat . Asian Journal of Food Research and Nutrition, 2(4), 593–611. Retrieved from https://journalajfrn.com/index.php/AJFRN/article/view/81


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